Wiedemeier claims state titles for Bulldog Aquatic Club

Bulldog Aquatic Club


Adam Wiedemeier won state titles in both the 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle this past weekend at the Louisiana Summer Senior State Championship Swim Meet.

The competition was held at BHP Billiton YMCA and included the fastest 15-and-over swimmers from around the state.

“The 15 and overs continued the success from last weekend and swam exceptionally well,” said head coach Rocky Smith. “They all made significant improvement and should be happy going into the new season.”

In addition to Wiedemeier’s two state titles, he also recorded top 10 finishes in the 200 freestyle (2nd), 100 butterfly (8th) and 200 individual medley (3rd). Other top 10 finishes by Bulldog Aquatic Club members included Robert Campbell (9th in the 200 butterfly) and Tillman Colton Reeder (9th in the 200 freestyle).

No all-star team was selected at the event.



Mary Huenefeld, 16 (22nd in the 100 backstroke; 44th in the 200 freestyle; 53rd in the 100 freestyle; 23rd in the 200 breaststroke; 26th 100 breaststroke; 20th in the 200 backstroke)

McKenzie Jones, 15 (19th in the 800 freestyle; 28th in the 100 backstroke; 25th in the 200 freestyle; 39th in the 100 freestyle; 19th in the 400 freestyle; 26th in the 200 backstroke)

Karly Wilson, 17 (62nd in the 100 freestyle; 51st in the 200 individual medley; 31st in the 100 breaststroke)



Cade Campbell, 16 (55th in the 100 butterfly)

Robert Campbell, 16 (14th in the 100 backstroke; 11th in the 100 butterfly; 11th in the 400 individual medley; 9th in the 200 butterfly; 15th in the 200 individual medley; 13th in the 200 backstroke)

Jack Groce, 15 (23rd in the 800 freestyle; 59th in the 200 freestyle; 32nd in the 200 breaststroke; 49th in the 400 freestyle; 43rd in the 100 breaststroke; 16th in the 1500 meter freestyle)

Tillman Colton Reeder, 16 (9th in the 200 freestyle; 12th in the 100 butterfly; 12th in the 200 butterfly; 20th in the 100 freestyle; 22nd in the 400 freestyle; 21st in the 50 freestyle) 

Adam Wiedemeier, 17 (2nd in the 200 freestyle; 8th in the 100 butterfly; 1st in the 100 freestyle; 3rd in the 200 individual medley; 1st in the 50 freestyle)

Peter Yu, 15 (29th in the 400 individual medley; 35th in the 200 breaststroke; 59th in the 200 individual medley; 39th in the 100 breaststroke; 57th in the 50 freestyle)

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