Qualifying underway for upcoming elections

Qualifying is underway for November elections, including mayoral races and all 12 seats on the Lincoln Parish School Board.

By Malcolm Butler

With the Nov. 8 primary elections just over three months away, qualifying began Wednesday and will end Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m.

Numerous parish seats will be on the November ballot, including all 12 Lincoln Parish School Board district spots as well as mayoral races for Ruston, Grambling, Simsboro, Choudrant and Dubach.

Although current Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker hasn’t yet registered for the race, he confirmed Wednesday afternoon to the LPJ that he plans to run for this third term. Three candidates have already qualified for the Grambling mayoral race, including Alvin Bradley, Leshaun “Yummy” Johnson and incumbent Edward R. Jones.

The Choudrant mayoral race already has two candidates registered, including incumbent Bill Sanderson and Brandon Milner.

A number of current Lincoln Parish School Board members have already qualified for the November election, including David Ferguson (District 2), Donna Doss (District 4), Danny Hancock (District 5), Joe Mitcham (District 6), Hunter Smith (District 7), Lynda Henderson (District 9), Otha Anderson (District 10), George Mack, Jr., (District 11) and Debbie Abrahm (District 12).

As of 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Susan Wiley (District 1), Clark Canterbury (District 3) and Lisa Best (District 8) had not yet registered for the race. Wiley announced a few LPSB meetings back that she did not plan to run. Willie “Jim” Washington, Jr. and Danielle Williams have already qualified for District 1, making it currently the only race with multiple candidates. Gloria Miller (District 3) and Gregg Phillips (District 8) have registered as newcomers for those two districts.

Chief of Police races are scheduled for Dubach, Choudrant, Downsville (part of Downsville falls in Lincoln Parish), and Simsboro.

Alderman races for Ruston (Wards 1-5), Choudrant, Downsville and Simsboro are on the November ballot while council member seats will be voted on for Dubach (Districts A-E), Grambling and Vienna.

Individuals interested in running for a seat but register at the Lincoln Parish Courthouse have until tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. to do so.

As of 4 p.m. on Thursday, below are the names of those who have already qualified for the upcoming races based on Secretary of State website.


Mayor City of Ruston

No registered candidate thus far

Mayor City of Grambling

Alvin Bradley (D)

LeShaun “Yummy” Johnson (NP)

Edward R. Jones (D)

Mayor Town of Dubach

Mona Durrett Wilson (NP)

Mayor Village of Choudrant

Brandon J. Milner (R)

Bill Sanderson (R)

Mayor Village of Simsboro

Sybil Smalling Foster (D)

Lincoln Parish School Board

District 1

Willie “Jim” Washington, Jr. (NP)

Danielle Williams (D)

District 2

David Ferguson (D)

District 3

Gloria Miller (NP)

District 4

Donna Doss (NP)

District 5

Danny Hancock (NP)

District 6

Joe Mitcham Jr. (D)

District 7

Hunter Smith (R)

District 8

Gregg Phillips (R)

District 9

Lynda Henderson (NP)

District 10

Otha Anders (D)

District 11

George Mack, Jr. (D)

District 12

Debbie Abrahm (I)

Chief of Police Town of Dubach

No registered candidate thus far

Chief of Police Village of Choudrant

Willard Sullivan (R)

Chief of Police Village of Simsboro

No registered candidate thus far

Alderman Ward 1, City of Ruston

Carolyn Elmore Cage (D)

Alderman Ward 2, City of Ruston

Angela “Shane” Mayfield (D)

Alderman Ward 3, City of Ruston

Melanie Lewis (R)

Alderman Ward 4, City of Ruston

John Denny (R)

Alderman Ward 5, City of Ruston

Bruce Siegmund (I)

Alderman Village of Choudrant

John W. Croswell, Jr. (R)

Thomas Patton (R)

Alderman Village of Simsboro

William “Doug” Durrett (D)

Council Member District A, Town of Dubach

Ruby Dawson (D)

Council Member District B, Town of Dubach

No registered candidate thus far

Council Member District C, Town of Dubach

No registered candidate thus far

Council Member District D, Town of Dubach

Evelyn Graham (D)

Council Member District E, Town of Dubach

Monique Roberts (D)

Council Members City of Grambling

Cathy Holmes (D)

Karen Ludley (D)

Phyllis Miller (D)

Delores Wilkerson Smith (D)

Councilmen Town of Vienna

No registered candidate thus far


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