Ponderings by Doug

Do you remember the childhood story of Chicken Little? Chicken Little ran around town telling everyone that “the sky is falling.” Chicken Little was exposed as a slightly neurotic and very anxious chicken, who arrived at an erroneous conclusion based on inaccurate information and it cost her heavily!

I think Chicken Little has taken over. We live in a world that is afraid the “sky is falling.” I want to ask you, “Has the sky fallen?” I am looking out my window right now and the sky is firmly in place. Gravity is working. Automobiles and pedestrians are moving along without conflict. Economic transactions are taking place. Best of all, the internet is working today.

Jesus lamented once that we are like sheep without a shepherd. I think we are like sheep, but the new accepted shepherd is leading us astray. We have fallen in to following science as our “shepherds.” We have elevated scientists to god-like levels of respect and awe. If a scientist says it, it must be true. Everyone knows that there has never been a flawed scientific study or conclusion. Anyone remember the ozone layer scare?

I love science. I am not one of those that think the world was created in October 4004 B.C. I think God made the dinosaurs as a beta test for birds and lizards. I think God gave us petrochemicals as a gift and He wonders why we are trying to fuel our machines with our food! I don’t believe that science and God are in conflict. But I don’t worship science. As some of you like to question God, I like to question scientific conclusions. True science would never claim that something was “settled science.” Science never settles down, there is always another observation, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion, and so forth.

I want to suggest that scientists are the “chicken little’s” of our time. Have you heard this phrase, “scientists fear that…?” Scientists are afraid of many things. They are afraid of global warming. They are afraid of viruses. They are afraid of obesity. They are afraid that the cure for one disease may give you another disease. They fear secondhand smoke, lead based paint, asbestos in floor tiles, incandescent light bulbs, not enough forests and too many trees. Scientist fear the sun will have storms or not glow as bright. They fear an asteroid will hit us that we don’t see or that the world’s electromagnetic poles will shift. They are afraid we drink too much coffee and get too little exercise. They fear the carbon footprint. Lest you forget every time you breathe out, you are contributing to the carbon footprint! Our breathing scares them! These same scientists are worried about bovine flatulence. (If cow gas is a problem, I’m going to do my part and eat more steak!) Scientists sound like “chicken little.” Of course, I want to say of their research, “Follow the money.”

Funny, none of the things scientists “fear” have happened. So, the next time you hear a dire prediction about our world, listen for the phrase, “scientists fear that…”

Then I want you to remember Jesus said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled and don’t let them be afraid.”

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