Ruston mayor, city council running unopposed in November 

Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker will run unopposed in the November election.

By Malcolm Butler 

Qualifying closed Friday for the Nov. 8 primary elections and Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker as well as all five alderman positions will once again run unopposed. 

Walker said that not only is it a tribute to the job the city council members have done, but it’s a tremendous benefit to the city of Ruston.  

“The significance is this is the second time that the city council members and (mayor seat) have all run unopposed,” said Walker, who will serve his third term in Ruston. “I am not sure that has ever happened anywhere in the state of Louisiana. It shows that our city council members are doing such a good job and are all involved in our community.  

“I am so thankful they are all on the council. John Denny will be a new one and is running unopposed. Having the continuity (on the city council) makes a world of difference for our city. It allows us to get things done. When the mayor and the city council members are on the same page at every meeting and not fighting against each other, it makes a tremendous difference.” 

Qualifying began last Wednesday and closed Friday at 4:30 p.m. 

Carolyn Elmore Cage (Ward 1), Shane Mayfield (Ward 2) and Bruce Siegmund (Ward 5) are all incumbents on the city council. Melanie Lewis (Ward 3) was appointed by Walker over a year ago when her husband Jed retired from the seat. Denny (Ward 4) will serve his first term. 

“Jim Pearce served as the Ward 4 alderman for 24 years and has done a stellar job,” said Walker. “Jim said it was time for someone else. I am so appreciative for Jim and the job he has done for our city for more than two decades.” 

“Ruston is my hometown, and I will continue to work to keep our community great, but I will not seek re-election for another term,” Pearce said during a city council meeting in early May. 

“This has been a rewarding experience working together with them (prior Mayor Dan Hollingsworth and current Mayor Ronny Walker) and with other city council members to make Ruston a great city. Thank you to the citizens of Ward 4, who have given me the opportunity to be your representative for these past 24 years.” 

Three of the other five mayor races are also running unopposed as Dubach (Mona Durrett Wilson), Simsboro (Sybil Smalling Foster) and Downsville (Reggie Skain – Incumbent) are the lone qualifying candidates.  

The Grambling mayor’s race includes four candidates, including incumbent Edward R. Jones and challengers Alvin Bradley, Toby Bryan and LeShaun “Yummy” Johnson.  

Choudrant’s mayor race includes incumbent Bill Sanderson and challenger Brandon Milner. 

Chief of Police races are scheduled for Dubach, Choudrant, Downsville (part of Downsville falls in Lincoln Parish), and Simsboro. 

Choudrant, Downsville, Dubach, Grambling,  Simsboro and Vienna city council seats are all on the November ballot as well.  


Mayor City of Ruston 

Ronny Walker (R-Incumbent) 

Mayor City of Grambling 

Alvin Bradley (D) 

Toby B. Bryan (D) 

LeShaun “Yummy” Johnson (NP) 

Edward R. Jones (D-Incumbent) 

Mayor Town of Dubach 

Mona Durrett Wilson (NP) 

Mayor Village of Choudrant 

Brandon J. Milner (R) 

Bill Sanderson (R-Incumbent) 

Mayor Village of Simsboro 

Sybil Smalling Foster (D) 

Mayor Village of Downsville 

Reggie Skain (D-Incumbent) 

Chief of Police Town of Dubach 

Don Dufour (NP) 

Chief of Police Village of Choudrant 

Willard Sullivan (R) 

Chief of Police Village of Downsville 

Earl Roberts (D) 

Chief of Police Village of Simsboro 

Gene Butler (D) 

Alderman Ward 1, City of Ruston 

Carolyn Elmore Cage (D-Incumbent) 

Alderman Ward 2, City of Ruston 

Angela “Shane” Mayfield (D-Incumbent) 

Alderman Ward 3, City of Ruston 

Melanie Lewis (R-Incumbent) 

Alderman Ward 4, City of Ruston 

John Denny (R)  

Alderman Ward 5, City of Ruston 

Bruce Siegmund (I-Incumbent) 

Alderman Village of Choudrant 

John W. Croswell, Jr. (R) 

Blake Duncan (NP) 

Rick Maier (NP) 

Thomas Patton (R) 

Alderman Village of Downsville 

Howard Allen (R) 

Sheree Allen (R) 

Myron Toft (I) 

Alderman Village of Simsboro 

William “Doug” Durrett (D) 

Hazel Tuminello (R) 

Jerry White (R) 

Council Member District A, Town of Dubach 

Ruby Dawson (D) 

Angela Dunn (NP) 

Council Member District B, Town of Dubach 

Chris Moerbe (R) 

Council Member District C, Town of Dubach 

Mary Billberry (R) 

Council Member District D, Town of Dubach 

Evelyn Graham (D) 

Council Member District E, Town of Dubach 

Monique Roberts (D) 

Council Members City of Grambling 

Kerry Blakemore (D) 

John F. Brown, Jr. (D) 

Cathy Holmes (D) 

Jerry Lewis (D) 

Aundrea “10-4” Livingston (D) 

Karen Ludley (D) 

Marvin McCarty (D) 

Phyllis Miller (D) 

Devaria Hudson Ponton (D) 

Kia Baldwin Richardson (D) 

Delores Wilkerson Smith (D) 

Garnet Wagner II (D) 

Councilmen Town of Vienna 

Shannon R. Smith (R) 


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