Cooking in love

By Kelsey Horath

There is something special about pulling out ingredients and cooking with a loved one. Between the whole process of cooking the meal, setting the table and enjoying the night’s creations, cooking might become one the favorite date time activities. 

Cailee Fruge Whitten and her new spouse Caleb Whitten have taken nights out of the week to cook together for the last two years.

“Caleb and I began dating during the COVID shut down in 2020, so many of the restaurants were closed,” Fruge said. “That’s one reason we started cooking.”

Since applying these cooking dates into their schedule, the newlyweds have found many perks to cooking at home like saving money and quality time. 

“Cooking (at home) means saving money, while spending quality time together,” Fruge said. “Cooking together provides us the opportunity to be with each other and not get distracted by life.”

Allowing time to simply cook a meal with another presents some many opportunities to relax, unwind and have a meaningful conversation. 

Brandi and Todd Whitlock cook together still after 14 years of marriage and three children later. This special time set aside at night to cook has always been a priority for the two.

“Cooking together really involves so many aspects that you need in a marriage,” Brandi Whitlock said. “We have had to learn to work together and we have to communicate with one another when making meals together.”

Whitlock said they have also learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses by cooking together and know who is best suited for each job in the cooking process.

“All these skills have helped our marriage become stronger,” Brandi Whitlock said.

As time passes and life moves forward, more events and activities will be added to the schedule and life will remain hectic. However, making cooking a priority will help ease the stress of a long day and give you time to reflect with someone you love. 

“I know life is going to get busier whether it be with careers or kids but cooking together will help us have a definite time we can be together,” Cailee Whitten said. “It provides us an opportunity to be intentional about communicating about our days or each other.”

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