College freshmen prepare for fall

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By Kylie Neel

This upcoming fall, the freshman collegiate class is ready for moving into their on-campus accommodations and have shared some tips of what they’re packing and bringing to Lincoln Parish this year. 

Incoming Louisiana Tech freshman Allie Floyd is an out-of-state student from East Bernard, Texas. She will be living in the on-campus apartments and said she is ecstatic about her college home — the first time she’ll be living on her own.

“I think it will be hard to live on my own at first, but I think I can definitely adapt,” Floyd said. “Being that I am 6 hours away from home, it is definitely going to be hard, but I expect to widen my horizons and adapt by making new friends and finding new things to do with my friends.”

Floyd said she will have roommates who she looks forward to getting to know more.

“My roommates are amazing, and I get a chance to learn more about them as a move in date is on the horizon,” she said. “We have bought quite a bit of stuff for the dorm so far, but for my dorm I had to buy a refrigerator, a TV, and bathroom and kitchen supplies as well.”

Another Tech incoming freshman, Paris Endris, said she is also looking forward to her freshman year.

“I am super excited for what is to come at LA Tech,” said Endris, a Bossier City native. “I hope to keep to myself and be busy, so I won’t miss my family too much.”

Endris added that the whole month of August has been busy preparing for moving.

“I can’t wait to move in,” Endris said. “One of my roommates grew up with me, and we are decorating the place to be a little more me — and the shopping has been a whirlwind.”

Learning how to communicate with roommates and being open to what they want is something Endris and her roommates had to be very communicative about. 

“My room is beach vacation themed, and my move in is September 6,” she said. “There are supplies you don’t think you need, until you realize you needed them.”