Panthers to scrimmage Carroll, BTW today

Lincoln Prep scrimmages Carroll and BTW at Carroll tonight at 6 p.m.

By T. Scott Boatright


The Lincoln Preparatory School Panthers have called an audible for this week’s scrimmage against another team.

Instead of traveling to Shreveport to scrimmage at Booker T. Washington, the Panthers and BTW will travel to Monroe to scrimmage with the Carroll Bulldogs at 6 p.m. today.

“It’s always good to scrimmage against another team when we’ve only been practicing against ourselves the past couple of weeks,” Hall said. “You get more different looks against players of all kinds of sizes and skills, just like you do during the regular season.

“The biggest thing I’m looking for is what kind of intensity can we show going up against higher-classification schools. You become the best by playing the best. The same goes for practices. So I’m looking for that intensity, for our players to learn from it all, and to come out of the scrimmage healthy. That will be a success in my book.”

Lincoln Prep made it to the second-round of the playoffs last season. Hall is hoping to build on that in 2022 with a team that has experience under their belts.

“We have 13 seniors, which doesn’t happen often for a school our size,” Hall said.. “And a lot of those players are skill guys. I have more skill guys  than I’ve ever had. 

“I’ve always had two or three of those guys since taking over here, but I’ve never had the kinds of weapons like I have  this season.  And I think we’re going to be a more explosive offense and be able to do more different things than we’ve done in the past.” 

Senior quarterback Bralyn Mayfield will head a Lincoln Prep that also returns Jamarius Buggs and Chauncy Harper to the offensive backfield along with Jamarion Buggs at receiver.

“Those guys have been there and know what to expect,” Hall said. “Mayfield can run, but has a big gun and likes staying in the pocket and trying to give the receiver time to get open. He can get a ball to a receiver in a hurry, and he can throw deep with accuracy when he focuses in on all of it. He has D-1 potential. The rest is up to him.

“Jamarius Buggs and Harper are a good running back team because they have different skill sets,” Hall said. “Buggs can also line up as a H-back or tight end while Harper is a good screen receiver out of the backfield. That’s the good thing about this offense — we have a good mix of skills that if the guys can put it all together, we have a chance to surprise some people.” 

Booker T Washington is a Class 4A school while Carroll is a 3A school. But Hall relishes the opportunity to practice against bigger schools.

“It presents a challenge, and that kind of thing is important at this point in preseason practice,’ Hall said. “The season is getting closer. We play our jamboree game next week. It’s time to turn up the intensity and playing against a bigger school helps make that happen. 

“I’m looking forward to it because we’ll learn something about where we are and how far we have to go. The kids are excited to go up against other teams and test themselves that way. As long as we come out of it healthy, it’ll be a good thing.”


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