City of Grambling, Lincoln Prep to work together on sewer project

By T. Scott Boatright

The city of Grambling has moved to team with Lincoln Preparatory School in what both sides consider a win-win situation for all.

Grambling’s City Council voted unanimously during Thursday’s night’s monthly meeting to team on a sewer project in which a new 8-inch sewer line will be placed running from the rear of the Grambling Police Station to the new Lincoln Prep School being built on the site of the old Louisiana Tech Golf Course.

Teaming on the project is projected to save each entity at least $100,000 for sewer work needed by both as combining for the project is expected to lower original estimates of $200,000.

“I’m sorry Mr. (consulting engineer Henry) Shuler could not be here tonight, but he had a previous engagement he had to attend,” Jones said. “But in speaking to him he agreed that this is a great idea for the city because this could save the city about 50% of cost for the sewer by teaming with Lincoln Prep.

“Mr. Shuler said he’s not looking at the cost aspect right now because he thinks he can get an even lower price and that we’ll work on that later. But he said it will be so much better for the city to join in with Lincoln Prep on this project instead of doing it all ourselves.”

The approved motion was termed for “the scope of work” needed to complete and connect the city’s and the school’s portions of the line as opposed to a half-and-half cost in case one portion is smaller than the other. The city had already planned to replace the city sewer line in the area but by teaming with Lincoln Prep, that original projected cost for the city’s work could be halved. The total cost for both entities is still being determined but should greatly benefit both.

Lincoln Preparatory School director Gordan Ford said materials for the project have been ordered and that he expects work to begin on it as soon as weather conditions allow.

Grambling Police Chief Tommy Clark also followed up on an issue from the August City Council meeting, when as adviser for the Grambling State University of Alpha Chi Alpha complained of unfair treatment when the fraternity requested use of Grambling Memorial Park.

“When I was presented the request it was a request for a back-to-school barbecue for 50 participants and the signature was illegible,” Clark said. “I made contact with a phone number on the application and the young man who answered was very respectful, but he was surprised that I called because he didn’t sign the form. He said someone else signed it and put his phone number on it.”

“He said he knew about the event but that he wasn’t the one who had filled out the form. When I asked how many people they would be expecting for this back-to-school barbecue, he said, ‘about 200.’ I told me somewhere on the form it said (the event) was going to be for voter registration.

“He said, “Chief, I’m not going to lie to you – I don’t know anything about that. All I know is it was going to be a back to school barbecue for around 200 people.’ I told him I appreciated his honesty with me and asked him if he knew who had signed the form and he said he didn’t.”

Clark said he didn’t approve the request because of the unknowns involved and concern things could get out of hand, and Jones followed that up by saying that any GSU function held off campus still required a form to filled and and approved giving the university’s OK for a function to be held but that had not occurred in this case.

Continuing his report, Clark, as he has in previous meetings, again pleaded with city residents to keep their vehicle doors locked to prevent theft.

Clark also reminded city residents that school is back in session and that passing school buses on roadways is illegal and that drivers caught doing so will be ticketed, and he encouraged anyone involved in a vehicular to snap a cell picture of the other vehicles’ license plate as quickly as possible before of an increasing number of hit and run accidents he’s noticed in recent weeks and months.

Grambling Fire Chief Tommie Woods said that work on hydrants on the Grambling State campus and within the city is ongoing and nearing completion and also thanked Clark for help in getting some repairs to equipment done.

“We got some educational work done that will help next time our fire rating is reviewed and I want to thank Chief Clark for helping us get some equipment — saws, generators and some stuff I didn’t think was any good that we took and got repaired and that we are using now,” Woods said. 

Grambling’s City Council also approved a motion for the city to apply a “Love Louisiana” Louisiana Community Development Block Grant for the fiscal year 2022 for $400,000 to upgrade Grambling City Park.

“This is a grant we’ve applied for that if we can get will really make the park look much, much better,” Jones said.

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