Postel has support among jurors, mayor

Ruston mayor Ronny Walker said Wednesday that he feels Doug Postel has “done an incredible job.” (Courtesy photo)

By Malcolm Butler


Until some sort of proof of the accusations against him are brought to the table, Lincoln Parish Police Jury Administrator Doug Postel has some strong support from some of the board members. 

Postel came under fire last week when he was asked to resign from his position by police juror Skip Russell, who appears to have been the spokesperson for a select group on the jury. 

“There’s nothing to hide,” said Russell. “Facts are as I see it and I’ve not visited with everybody, but I believe the majority of the police jurors think it’s time for a change.”

The jury seems to still be out on that. 

The request was made under the pretense that some members had “documentation” outlining some impropriety by Postel in his job.

However, until someone provides a list of those allegations and concrete proof behind them, there are a number of jurors as well as Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker who have Postel’s back.

“Doug has done in my opinion more to reach out to all areas of the parish – all the other cities; Simsboro, Choudrant, Dubach, and Grambling,,” said Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker. “He has done an incredible job and been very proactive in bringing new ideas to the table.

“We have issues that we have to address with the police jury on the animal shelter. Doug has had some incredible ideas on that. Doug has done a great job and I believe if given the chance and support he could really move our police jury forward.”

It’s no surprise that Logan Hunt, Matt Pullin, TJ Cranford and Glenn Scriber are in Postel’s corner after the foursome signed the letter that was sent to Russell and the remaining police jury members Monday in response to the meeting where Postel was asked to resign. 

And all four of them are of the same opinion. Until something concrete is presented, Postel is the right man for the job. 

“The four of us – literally – we have talked hours on this,” said Scriber. “I have made some phone calls to other people in the office who work with Doug every single day. I said you better not lie to me. The people I’ve talked to were as taken aback as we are. Nobody’s perfect, don’t get me wrong. We all make them.

“But people who work shoulder to shoulder with him and I ask ‘what do you think about Doug?’ and they say ‘it’s absolutely great, he’s doing a good job.’  That means something, when someone is working with you every day.”

Pullin agreed while pointing to his professional background and experience with making tough decisions based on employee’s actions. 

“I think Doug’s done a great job,” said Pullin. “When I came on the policy jury, the police jury in the past has all been about roads and trash. I think one of the things I like about Doug is that he focuses on partnerships and economic development. That’s a big thing about what we need to do to move forward as a parish.”

However, Pullin isn’t afraid to pull punches if something is awry.

“I run a business,” said Pullin. “If somebody is doing something wrong, I fire people all the time. If they do something to hurt our business that is unethical or immoral, hey, sign me up. I don’t enjoy it, but it’s part of it. 

“If that’s the case, absolutely. But based on the info that’s been given to me, I don’t think there’s anything there. Where’s the proof? I haven’t been given that proof so all I can say is – what’d you do (Doug)? If I knew anything, I don’t follow Doug around on a daily basis.”

When asked for his opinion on the matter, Cranford echoed a lot of the above sentiments. 

“At this moment, with the evidence that I have, no he doesn’t deserve to be asked to resign,” said Cranford. “I will say, if they can provide evidence that man is misusing his office, I will be the first one to vote that man out. And I am a Doug Postel supporter. But if he is doing something wrong, I will be the first one to vote him out. But so far, all they will say is (they have) the evidence, and we should vote him out.”

Hunt said he spent over 20 hours constructing the letter he sent to Russell and the rest of the police jury members and Postel on Monday. 

“That letter speaks for me,” said Hunt. “I will continue to stand up for the truth and what is right, and this simply isn’t right.”


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