Everyone deserves good leadership

By Doug Strickel

Whether we are talking about the national, state, or local level of government, people deserve good leadership.  People deserve good leadership in the workplace.  Students deserve good leadership in educational systems.  Military personnel deserve good leadership.  Everyone deserves to follow good leadership!  

So, what is good leadership?  Let’s look at just what that term “good leadership” means.

Good leaders are totally focused on the long-term well-being of those that they are responsible for in their scope of leadership.  Leadership is not about position, power, or personal gain.  Leaders are charged to serve not remain in power.  Leaders constantly focus on what’s best for the followers not what keeps them in power or in the position.  Good leaders therefore sacrifice self rather than serve self. 

Good leaders are visionary.  They constantly look ahead and see things before others see them.  They anticipate challenges and develop strategies to combat those challenges.  While good leaders live in the present, they focus on the future to ensure current decisions support long-term success.  They aren’t thrown into panic over unexpected issues as they plan and prepare for these obstacles.

Good leaders communicate well.  They invest the time to connect with their followers to ensure key information is conveyed and understood.  Good leaders ask questions and listen well.  They narrow their focus and communicate clear messages.  They are less focused on charisma and more focused on clarity, content, and consistency.  

Good leaders have credibility.  They are competent in their field of leadership.  They don’t have to be the smartest person or know everything, but they do need to be knowledgeable.  They need to be completely honest and trustworthy.  They keep their word and convey the truth no matter how tough that message may be.  Leaders are also present in the tough times.  They don’t disappear when the challenges arrive, but rather get “muddy” with everyone else.

Good leaders operate on point.  They lead by example and clearly show the path to the followers.  They are visible, present, and engaging with the followers.   They don’t seek the spotlight, but rather seek to provide the light.  They light the path for the followers.

Good leaders are confident but humble.  They are not prideful, boastful, or arrogant.  They are confident in their ability to lead, but humble in their approach.  They seek to serve and not be served.  They will sacrifice of themselves when needed to benefit the followers.  Their inner strength and confidence provide a solid foundation and reliable assurance to the followers.

Good leaders are poised and don’t panic.  They rise to the front during upset conditions and maintain control of their emotions and make sound decisions in hectic conditions.  Their ability to remain calm impacts others and provides hope to the followers.  Their poise provides a guiding light in the darkest of conditions.  

Good leaders seek to improve.  They avoid complacency with a constant focus on improvement.  They experience satisfaction and contentment without becoming complacent and comfortable.  They humbly ask for help to improve and seek continual growth for the betterment of the followers.  They actively seek opportunities to improve and willingly receive ideas for evaluation.

Take some time to consider the above when choosing whom you will follow.  Leadership is important to all of us in various aspects of life.  Good leaders will not always be perfect and embody all these competencies all the time, but these attributes should be the predominant characteristics of someone that you choose to follow.   

Choose wisely because everyone deserves good leadership.

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