Police warn of vehicle break-ins

Louisiana Tech Police recently warned motorists to lock their vehicles to avoid thefts. 

Tech Police Chief Randal Hermes disseminated an email to the Tech family stating his department and the Ruston Police Department had investigated several vehicle burglaries. In each case the vehicle’s doors were not locked, making for easy pickings by the thieves.

Using information provided by Tech Police, on Friday Ruston PD apprehended a suspect and recovered some stolen property, including a handgun, Hermes said.

Hermes recommended drivers always lock up their vehicles after parking, including at off-campus residences. The chief said the vehicle break-ins have occurred on campus and in neighborhoods off campus. 

Crime prevention specialists suggest removing all valuables from view inside the vehicle in addition to locking it. Parking in a well-lit area can help deter thieves as well.

Chief Hermes said, “If you see someone walking through a parking lot checking vehicle door handles, immediately call Tech Police from a safe location at 318-257-4018 or if off campus, phone 911.”

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