November elections bring opportunity for unity

Midterm elections – A different look

We are now about a month away from the midterm elections in November.  There will be contested races from local school board positions to national congressional seats.  There will be key issues debated and important topics discussed on most media outlets.  There will also be plenty of character attacks, political party agendas proclaimed, and passion displayed supporting the candidate or party of choice. 

As we have seen in recent elections and polling data, the nation appears to be split almost evenly on many of these key issues, political party support, and overall views of government’s role in our nation.  This near even split is also one noted by a great deal of extremism on either side of these viewpoints.

The term “elections have consequences” is so true today based on the approach many elected officials take these days.  In many cases, the winner of an election feels obligated to keep the promises made to those supporting them and ignores the concerns of those on the other side of the vote.  Thus, we have a divided nation, a divided state, and possibly a divided community.

The challenge with so many being so far apart is that very few problems are solved on the extreme.  Elected officials are responsible for everyone in their sphere of influence and placed in their charge.  For these elected officials to become actual leaders, they need to unite rather than divide.  They must find common purpose for those on both sides of the political aisle to be effective in truly leading.  This common purpose moves people closer together and enables problems to be addressed, opportunities to be taken, and everyone’s future to appear a little brighter.  Progress takes place when people move closer together and are willing to listen, ask questions, value other people, and accept that we may not always get everything we want. 

I hope we can move toward finding common purpose, uniting people, and making progress.  What’s the value of “winning” if nothing gets any better?  If we could take the time to get to the real heart of many of these issues, we could find common purpose and move a little closer to the middle.  The middle may just be the key.

While we seek leaders that believe what we believe, let’s also seek leaders that can represent everyone with integrity, character, and compassion.  Consider leaders that can relate to people on both ends of this extremism and bring people closer together and resolve problems. 

Give it some thought over the next few weeks, and let’s seek leaders at all levels of government that are worthy of following. 

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