Color pops in fall  

As families prepare for fall photographs, many will turn to Pinterest or TikTok for color inspiration and coordination. 

Picking colors for outfits, according to Rebecca Smart with House of Colour, should take into account skin tone, style and one’s own preferences. 

“Pick a color that you love to wear and build outfits around that color,” Smart said. “Personally, I wouldn’t choose white to be next to my face; it can wash out in front of the camera.” 

Next, Smart suggests to pick a main color to coordinate the others. 

“Pay attention to what the base of your colors are,” she said. “Colors harmonize better if they are all cool or all warm – think blue versus yellow based.” 

Patterns can also be too much at times, Smart warned. 

“Don’t use a lot of patterns,” Smart said. “I would choose one or two people to be in a pattern. Be careful with small checks or stripes; they can blur together in a photo.” 

Lastly, Smart said to vary colors.  

“Mix up colors on top or bottom,” she said. “If everyone is in the same color shirt, you’ll all blend together.” 

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