Ruston High earns another “A” rating

Firmly Founded

By Kyle Roberts

With all the success Ruston High athletics has had so far this fall, it’s exciting to remember that excellence indeed, starts in the classroom.

Louisiana State Department of Education recently released School Performance Scores, and Ruston High scored a 102 for another “A” rating.

“We’ve been an A-rated school for several years now, but we grew by over two points from last year, so we are excited about that,” Ruston High School principal Dan Gressett said. “It’s a reflection of the hard work and dedication our students, staff, and parents put in on a daily basis. The expectations are high at Ruston High and will continue to be high.”

Of all public and non open-enrollment 5A schools in the state with score reports, Ruston is ranked in the top four.

Ruston High also earned the distinction of being named a Top Gains Honoree for progress index, measuring growth made by all students. The school also is an Opportunity Honoree for ranking in the top 10 percent for performance among students with disabilities, English Language Learner, and economically disadvantaged students.

“We continuously look for ways to grow and improve,” Gressett added. “We have so much more to offer than just a number or a rating, but it is really nice to be recognized for the great things going on at Ruston High. I’m extremely proud and grateful for everyone that plays a part in that.”

A proud day certainly for all staff, faculty, parents, current students and alumni everywhere can celebrate.