Communication workshop helps academics share their research

By E’Yanna Davis  

Louisiana Tech’s University Communications held a Research Communication Workshop recently for academic scholars to increase their knowledge in how to communicate their research with others. 

Two attendees of the workshop, Dr. Jamie Newman, an associate professor and associate dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Applied and Natural Sciences, and Dr. Jane Jacob, interim associate dean and assistant professor, came to this event to learn effective strategies to communicate with people who are not involved in their research.  

“I have been curious about how to communicate my research to people who are not interested in my field of study,” Jacob said. “I thought I could pick up some tidbits about that.”  

The purpose of this workshop was to help researchers ensure that each type of audience they come across understands their research. Having the skills to effectively communicate with others is crucial, they learned.  

Many strategies were taught to help each person that attended the workshop make their work impactful among the public. For Newman, the social media strategy section drew her attention because it lets her get in contact with people on a large scale. 

“We’re not always aware that a photo has that kind of impact, so this section was what really drew me in during the presentation at the workshop,” Newman said.  

Newman added that communication makes an impact on what she achieves ve so people can remain interested and supportive of what Tech researchers hope to accomplish for the future. 

 “If you can’t share that with different audiences, then what you do doesn’t ever enter the world,” Newman said. 

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