LPJ columnist offers leadership learning series

 LPJ writer and leadership educator Doug Strickel will start another session of the Leadership Lessons Email Series on Jan 9, 2023.

This session will offer a 10-week General Leadership Lesson Series and a 10-week Safety Focused Leadership Lesson Series.
Both are one page lessons emailed to participants on Monday morning of each week during the 10-week period.  These lessons contain three questions to ask the participant’s team, three truths to teach the participant’s team, and three actions for team members to take to close the loop on learning and applying.  
Both of these series provide individuals with an efficient and cost effective approach to developing supervisors/managers/front line leaders.  The lessons provide material to use at participants’ discretion with their teams. There is no travel required, no time away from work, no high costs to incur.   
The cost is $100 for the complete series of 10 lessons.  
If you are interested in either of these series, email Doug at dougstrickel@gmail.com with the following information:
1. Which series you are interested in participating via email.
2. If you need a W9 from me for your payable system.
3. If you will be providing a PO and need an invoice emailed to you.
Payments will need to be via check to Strickel Leadership Development LLC, 306 W Georgia, Ruston, LA 71270.
The topics are noted below for your review:
Safety Leadership:
Jan 9: Growing from manager to leader
Jan 16: Communicating to make a difference
Jan 23: Connecting the message to purpose
Jan 30: Asking questions to influence
Feb 6: Moving from training to equipping
Feb 13: Transitioning from committee to team
Feb 20: Using opportunities to influence
Feb 27: Maintaining focus through two questions
Mar 6: Improving incident investigations
Mar 13: Dealing with non-compliance
General Leadership
Jan 9: Improving communications
Jan 16: Building credibility
Jan 23: Leading by example
Jan 30: Simplifying the process
Feb 6: Dealing with conflict
Feb 13: Solving problems
Feb 20: Managing performance
Feb 27: Making Decisions
Mar 6: Defining the win
Mar 13: Establishing culture