Hillcrest Elementary gets into the spirit of giving

By Spencer Drake

The annual canned food drive is a very anticipated event at Hillcrest Elementary. The drive gives students and their families a chance to give back, with a little added friendly competition as an incentive to donate.

The event timing is perfect, right before Christmas break, for families who are eager to help others during the holidays a chance to do so in a very simple way. This year alone, Hillcrest was able to donate a grand total of 4,056 cans.

Hillcrest Principle Lauren Keen highlighted the friendly competition aspect of the drive, and how it was one of, but not the only reason, the drive was so successful.

The spirit of giving grew more and more as the final days of donating approached. As the numbers grew, the motivation increased. You could hear the roar of excitement in the classrooms as we would announce the top contributors each afternoon,” said Keen.

This spirit of competition was not the driving factor in the competition, however. Hillcrest teaches its students about how to be successful in more than just the classroom. The drive proved they are doing a great job in that, Keen said.

“The drive is an important event because it gives Hillcrest and its families the chance to give back to our community. We want our students to know that they can succeed in more than one way and we are thankful they have a heart of giving for others in need,” said Keen.