LPL leadership remains the same for 2023

Pictured is Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control President Amy Miller (right) as board member Diana Humphries looks on. (Photo by T. Scott Boatright) 

By T. Scott Boatright

Keeping its leadership as status quo was the primary order of business evening as the Lincoln Parish Library held its monthly meeting Thursday evening.

Last summer the LPL Board of Control elected Amy Miller as president in June before voting for Jan Cantebury to be vice president in July.

On Thursday, the Board of Control voted for that duo to control the same roles throughout 2023 with both elections coming unanimously with no other nominations made.

Completing a quorum at Thursday’s meeting were Miller, Canterbury, Diana Humphries, Mary Jo Cooper, Richard Durrett, Deborah Gilliam and Bill Jones.

Absent were Board of Control members Sandra Dupree and Eric McCulloch.

During committee reports, Bylaws Committee Chair Jones recommended clearing up some language in the bylaws, with the primary issue striking the word regular from any meetings. 

Jones said the committee also recommended adding concise regulations for public comment during Board of Control meetings as well as recommending a review of written needed qualifications for board members.

Those recommendations were passed unanimously.

Also discussed was an earlier Compensation Committee meeting led by Miller.

“It was extremely productive,” Miller said of that committee meeting which was joined by Cooper. “(Library Director Jeremy Bolom) did a great job to come up with a pay scale he put together off of a model he had found. The way it was set up was that some pay scales needed to be adjusted according to duties each employee might be filling. They’re on their own trajectory. We tried to categorize people into their own classifications.

“We had about four or five different classifications, so to adjust everybody into where they needed to do, we did make a couple of more classifications like some sub-classifications.”

Jones, also the Chair of the LPL Events Center Committee, presented that update and said the ongoing talks continue with the Ruston-Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau concerning the CVB joining in on management of the Events Center.

He said the main thing agreed on before any decision is made is that such an agreement should be made for only one year in order to see how the partnership would work out for both entities.

Before the meeting concluded, Durrett and the others members of the Board of Control commended Bolom for the fact that the library concluded the 2022 fiscal year with a surplus of $565,000.