LPPJ to meet about parish administrator

UPDATE (Saturday, Jan. 21)

By T. Scott Boatright

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury could be looking to a familiar face to fill the void after it voted earlier this month not to renew the contract of former Parish Administrator Doug Postel.

A meeting has been set for a 6 p.m. start Tuesday at the Lincoln Parish Courthouse’s LPPJ Conference Room to consider the matter.

A LPPJ personnel committee meeting will start off with the only two items on its agenda:

  • Discuss and Take Action, if Necessary, On the Appointment of Courtney Hall As Interim Parish Administrator, His Salary for That Position, And to Authorize the President to Execute All Necessary Documents 

  • Discuss and Take Action on the Salary of Kevin Klepzig as Interim Parish Administrator

Then the LPPJ is set to meet as a whole at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to consider and take action on presumably naming either Hall or Klepzig as Interim Parish Administrator.

Following the LPPJ’s vote to not reappoint Postel during the Jan. 10 meeting, LPPJ President Richard Durrett made a motion to name Klepzig the interim parish administrator. The move came as a surprise to many in the room, including Klepzig who was put in a tough position before a room full of highly-emotional residents.

Klepzig at first declined the suggestion due to concerns over how it would affect the future status of his current position. But after a number of questions and some clarification from attorney Lewis Jones, Klepzig reconsidered and accepted. Now it appears as though the LPPJ may have their eyes set on Hall.

Hall served as Parish Administrator from 2009 to 2020 before retiring during the middle of the Covid19 pandemic.

Klepzig was hired on as the Parish Assistant Administrator in 2019 and was one of four candidates considered along with Postel to replace Hall upon his retirement, joining a pool of candidates that included Postel, then Information Technology Manager Tracy Calloway, and U.S. Marine Corps Major Eric Jackson, who was also a logistics and projects manager, professor, and an owner and managing director of a transportation company.

When Jurors voted on a replacement for Hall on June 9, 2020, the first candidate considered was Calloway. The vote was split between Jurors Theresa Wyatt, Hazel Hunter, Joe Henderson, Milton Melton, Sharyon Mayfield and Annette Straughter voting in favor of Calloway and former District 3 Representative Marvin Franks, T.J. Cranford, Logan Hunt, Glenn Scriber, Matt Pullin and Skip Russell voting against Calloway.

Jurors then considered Postel to take over as Parish Administrator, with Franks, Cranford, Hunt, Scriber, Pullin, Russell, Henderson and Straughter voting in favor of naming Postel to the position and Wyatt, Hunter, Melton and Mayfield voting against doing so.

That 8-4 vote in favor of Postel made him Parish Administrator at that point.

Klepzig was later also given the title of Deputy Director of Homeland Security so he could serve as a backup to Kip Franklin. Prior to that Klepzig had worked and supervised in multiple departments at William P. Hobby International Airport in Houston, including Security, Communications, Ground Transportation, Customer Service, Landside Operations, Airside Operations, and Emergency Preparedness.

Tuesday’s meeting is open to the public.


Original (Wednesday, Jan. 18)

By T. Scott Boatright


Lincoln Parish Police Juror Joe Henderson said last Wednesday night that the LPPJ’s personnel committee, of which Henderson is chair, hopes to meet next week to hold discussions about moving forward with its search for a new parish administrator.

The LPPJ is looking for a new administrator after voting 8-4 during its monthly meeting on Jan. 10 to not renew the contract of former parish administrator Doug Postel, who had held that position since the summer of 2020.

Henderson said Wednesday that the LPPJ has not yet advertised or started a search for a new administrator.

During that meeting the LPPJ also voted to name parish Administrative Assistant Kevin Klepzig as interim parish administration, adding that they would discuss Klepzig’s contract to try and account for his additional duties and roles as interim administrator.

Henderson said that at least the LPPJ’s personnel committee plans to meet as soon as next week to discuss those matters. 

“We’re talking about holding a meeting next week to take care of all of that,” Henderson said. “We’ll publicize the date and time once we have that set.”