Adding to the force 

By Spencer Drake

Law enforcement is not for the faint of heart. The process of becoming a Ruston Police Officer is one that challenges an individual both physically and mentally. Recently, four individuals joined the Ruston Police. Logan Vines, William Graham, Samuel Fincher and A’Kella Jones are all excited to make an impact and serve the community.

“Graduating the police academy was not the easiest but I did it, and while being there I learned a lot,” Graham said. “The most rewarding part of it all is that I can now serve my community in a different way.”

Jones said becoming part of the police force was a desire held since childhood.

“I honestly have been trying to figure this question out for myself since I graduated, being that it was my dream job as a child after meeting my D.A.R.E. teachers in the 4th grade,” Jones said. “It has been surreal to say the least, but very rewarding. I hit the streets the morning after graduation and there hasn’t been a moment I haven’t enjoyed yet.”

The Police Academy is grueling both physically and mentally. Perseverance is one of the essential characteristics needed to push through the various trials and tests required to graduate from the academy. 

“The tests we took during academy, they help prepare you for the real world situations,” Vines said. “My patience and finding my will power were pushed during these tests.”

These four graduates now must start on the job training (OJT) and learn more of what it means to be a Ruston Police officer and find which avenue in the force best suits them. OJT is important for these graduates because it provides much more information for them to understand and helps them get more hands-on training specifically for the Ruston Force. 

“First is (OJT) On the Job Training, there is still a lot for me to learn and become proficient in, but luckily, I have plenty of great officers to help me get there,” said Fincher. “It’s thrilling to see all of the opportunities that I will have in the future for training, whether it’s becoming a K9 handler or crime scene investigation. With all the different paths laid out in front of me for the future, I think I’m still waiting to see which one is going to call out for me.”