Man arrested for charges of assault

Ruston Police arrested a 66-year-old man Wednesday after he allegedly punched and choked a woman.

James Clemons of Ruston was charged with domestic abuse battery involving strangulation.

The female victim told officers she was cooking corn dogs when Clemons came in the kitchen and asked her what she was cooking. She told Clemons who said the corn dogs were going to be for him. The victim said she did not respond and left the room.

When the victim returned, Clemons was preparing to eat the corn dogs. The victim placed them back in the oven, and Clemons alleged grabbed the victim’s neck with one hand and punched her in the head with the other. 

Officers saw a red mark on the victim’s neck and a large bump and red mark on her head.

Clemons was arrested at the scene. His bail amount was not available.

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