Deadline to buy tickets to Live2Lead is today


Lincoln Parish and the surrounding area will have an opportunity to participate in a leadership seminar as Live2Lead is set for The Depot Coffee House Friday from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Tickets are $89.99 for a single ticket, $242.97 for half a table (3 tickets) and $431.95 for a full table (6 tickets). Deadline to purchase tickets is by the end of today. Tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE. 

John Cowling, Chief Program Officer for Rolling Hills Ministry and Executive Director in John Maxwell Leadership, has orchestrated the event and said its a strong opportunity for professionals to strengthen their leadership skills.

As leaders of Lincoln Parish, is there room for us to grow our leadership ability,” said program coordinator John Cowling. “I believe there is. Don’t be the leader who misses this wholesome opportunity. Everyone you serve deserves to be led well.

“Live2Lead is a premier 4-hour leadership development opportunity that will accelerate leadership abilities.Attendees will be provided leadership principles and personal growth techniques from time-tested teaching being utilized across the United States. Along with the simulcast teachings, we will have local community leaders teach and attendees will participate in table top leadership conversations.”

Friday’s event will include some of the world’s top leadership experts through simulcast, including:

  • John Maxwell — shares the uncommon principles of Communication and the Potential Question
  • Patrick Lecioni — explains the Working Genius assessment that is changing workplaces
  • Eric Thoms (hip-hop preacher) — portrays the Power of your Story
  • Tim Elmore — illustrates Generational Diversity Advantage
  • Doris Goodwin — brings wisdom to a fireside chat with John Maxwell
A number of local leaders will also be on hand to provide leadership talks during the event, including:
* Lonnie Scarborough on Business Culture, Origin Bank Chief Dream Manager & Talent Development Officer
* Will Dearmon on Community Growth, President and CEO of the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
* Cathi Cox-Boniol on Life’s Creativity, Region 8 LaSTEM Center Director at Louisiana Tech University
* Dr. Chris Craig on Leading by Faith, Senior Pastor of FBC Ruston

Live2Lead is a leader development experience designed to equip you with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways. You’ll breathe new life into your leadership during this information-packed half-day event.

A PASSION TO PURSUE: Live2Lead is designed to deliver the very best leadership content that inspires and motivates content, all who attend.
MAKE NEW PARTNERS:  Grow your own leadership as you connect with other influencers in your local community. Expand your network with relationships.
EXPAND YOUR IDEAS: Live2Lead is a world-class leadership experience packed into a half-day format, full of rich key takeaways and easy to-implement action plans.
For more information on the Live2Lead event, people can contact Cowling at
This is a PAID Advertorial