Local Teacher of the Year offers ACT prep sessions

2021 Lincoln Parish High School Teacher of the Year Courtney Martin offers test-taking classes designed to help prepare for ACT.

A… C… T… 

Three letters that strike fear in the hearts and minds of high school students (and even parents) everywhere, but one Lincoln Parish educator is on a mission to improve Louisiana’s low ACT scores and help students meet the benchmark set by ACT. These benchmarks measure a student’s college readiness.

Courtney Martin, Ruston High School math teacher and Lincoln Parish 2021 High School Teacher of the Year, has a passion for helping students of all ages improve their ACT scores. Known affectionately as The ACT Prep Queen, Martin recently led a session at the Louisiana ACT Summit held in Baton Rouge. She spoke to teachers and school administrators about how to prepare their students for success on the ACT effectively.

“All students are different, and there is no ‘guarantee’ for a score increase. I like the challenge of finding what makes it all ‘click’ for a student,” Martin said. 

Thanks to years of research and an extensive trial and error process, Martin is able to use a variety of test-taking strategies. She has seen much growth among her students, not only in the score itself, but also in their confidence level as a student and in their overall composure as a test-taker. She has seen her students raise their composite ACT scores by five points, and some students have raised their score by eight points!

“Those students who have raised their scores are such exciting stories to hear, but my favorite feedback would have to be from the students who tell me that they walked into that testing room calmly and confidently, fully prepared for what was in front of them,” Martin said.

Martin offers multiple small group prep courses throughout the year, as well as one-on-one individual sessions. Her in-person and virtual courses have helped students from all over Louisiana and surrounding states. Martin’s next ACT Prep session will be held on March 26, and she is scheduled to direct a presentation with the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance. She leads professional development sessions for teachers both in and outside of Lincoln Parish and serves as the Secondary Math Facilitator for Lincoln Parish.

For more info or to connect with the ACT Prep Queen, like her Facebook page, follow @ACTPrepQueen_CM on twitter, and visit her website www.theACTPrepQueen.com.

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