Woman refusing to leave house arrested

A Ruston woman was arrested at a Bonita Street residence after she refused numerous directions to leave the property.

Jyone Cottingham, 33, had reportedly been causing a disturbance at the location. Cottingham told officers she had been attempting to gather her belongings and leave the house all day. She stated she had been given permission to stay there. That individual told officers Cottingham needed to leave.

Officers remained on the scene as Cottingham gathered her belongings. After about 30 minutes, Cottingham had made little progress in collecting her belongings. She was given warnings in repeated attempts to encourage her to leave.

Officers eventually told her to move to the edge of the street and let others gather her belongings and bring them to her. She was given over 30 warnings to stay off the property. She was given all her packed belongings and told the rest would be moved to the street. She was told she was banned from the property and could not return. When she stepped back on the property and attempted to go into the house, she was placed under arrest.

Cottingham reportedly resisted officers’ attempts to handcuff her. She was booked at the Lincoln Parish Detention Center for remaining on premises when forbidden (trespass) and resisting an officer.

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named or shown in photographs or video as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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