Ruston Cultural District gives local artists chance to ‘transform’ downtown Ruston

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By Emma Stone

Even small transformer boxes with bright, colorful murals can help transform the ambiance of Downtown Ruston.

Ruston Cultural District is calling for artists in Lincoln Parish for help with its newest mini-mural project. The project will choose four different local artists to each paint a transformer box located throughout downtown Ruston. 

All expenses and material are provided by funding from the Louisiana State Cultural Districts Implementation Grant. 

Amy Stegall, community coordinator, highlighted the importance of the project for Ruston.

“Ruston is a place for nonprofits to incorporate and celebrate our culture through visual, performing, literary and culinary arts along with folklife,” said Stegall. “We want to focus on bringing those pillars to the district.”

Each artist will be given given freedom on the art he or she wishes to submit.

“The coolest part of the project is the opportunity to find unexpected ways to come across art,” said Stegall.

Art submissions must be received by 5 p.m. April 10. With a quick turnaround, the winners will be announced the following April 14. 

Dylan Sanders, board member of the Ruston Cultural District, outlined the reason for utilizing the grant to create the project.

“Our goal is to get some beautiful pieces of artwork while supporting local artists,” said Sanders. “We will be working with the chosen artists to take their designs and enhance them and make them become a reality.”

The winning artists will receive $400 in supply credit that can be used at Creative Exchange. Once the project is completed, they will receive an additional $775 stipend.

Jessica Slaughter, board member of the Ruston Cultural District, spoke about the need for compensating the artists.

“I think so many times people ask artists to do things for free. It’s something they worked really hard at, studied for and practiced,” said Slaughter. “We wanted to pay them as they needed to be.”

The project is expected to complete and be displayed May 27 as part of the Ruston Art Encounter. The event will be open to the public to view the murals.

“Transformer boxes are such an unsightly but necessary part of life. We really want this to be another way to show that creative expression and to take something that normally is an eyesore, and turn it into something beautiful,” said Slaughter.

To apply, follow this link :