Blue Sky Yoga helps with strength, flexibility and weight loss

Yoga is believed to have started with the dawn of time. Its origin is essentially discipline based focused on encouraging mental and physical well-being. It unites breath, body and mind.

In our fast-paced lifestyles of today, who doesn’t need something that will help us slow our systems down to a healthy pace?

Blue Sky Yoga offers a variety of classes for people of all ages and abilities seven days a week in both their Ruston and Monroe locations.

Too busy? Well don’t let that be an excuse as Blue Sky Yoga offers zoom classes as well as virtual recorded classes.

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What are some benefits of yoga?

  • Strength – Yoga postures encourage the balance of having equal parts of strength and flexibility so that optimum movement can occur.  The weight of your body will be used to increase strength.
  • Flexibility – Yoga postures help to increase flexibility and mobility through proper alignment, and movement within practice.
  • Weight loss — Yoga is about being very aware of breath and body. This practice of awareness often helps us become more mindful of when and why we overeat.  Awareness of what triggers us is the first step to making lifestyle changes.  
  • Restorative/ relaxation in yoga and weight loss.  When we take time to practice regular relaxation the body will produce less cortisol (a stress hormone that increases blood sugar) which is one of the culprits of weight gain around the midsection.

There is a great emphasis on breath in the classes at Blue Sky Yoga.  When we commit to keeping our breath slow, steady, and controlled, there is more awareness given to working each posture to the degree that is healthy for each.  If the intensity becomes too forceful, the breath control will be diminished.

The breath techniques that are taught and practiced within the classes are helpful to calm the physical body and nervous system.  When the body spends ample time with the parasympathetic nervous system activated, digestion function is better, the immune system is strengthened, and healing processes within the body work efficiently. It also benefits lessening stress and anxiety.

The physical postures that are practiced move the spine through a range of motions that help maintain mobility.  The muscles along the spine are strengthened and lengthened.  With regular and mindful practice yoga helps reduce back pain and increase range of motion. Many postures focus on strength and mobility of hips and legs.

Stability work is within all classes that include standing postures.  Stability work is taught in a safe way, with use of props as needed.  Engaging muscles in various ways is taught through verbal cues, as well as alignment of the postures, to support stability work.

What are some examples of classes that are taught at Blue Sky Yoga?

  • The Yoga for Life class is a great class that allows for control of intensity with the use of props.  A chair is used if want greater control of stability and intensity or the individual can choose not to use the chair if they want added intensity.  This class covers stability, mobility, strength, and flexibility.
  • Yin is another great class for everyone.  For the runner wanting to ease tight hamstrings and hips, or for the individual that works at a desk all day and has tension in the low body and upper back.  Yin is a quiet, contemplative practice that targets deep connective tissue, joints, ligaments, and fascia networks.  This is accomplished by stretches that are held gently for longer periods of time.
  • Flow is a more intense class that incorporates controlled breathing, mobility, stability, flexibility and strength.
  • Chair Cardio is a treat of a class.  Dianne Maroney Grigsby will lead you through a fun cardio workout, while seated.  The movements will challenge coordination, and mobility.

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