Artist combines art, architecture in work

By Brenda Daniel

On a national level woman are celebrated for their achievements and contributions to society during the month of March. The spotlight today is on Ayah Tamimi, who received her degree in architecture from her home country in Jordan.

Migrating to Louisiana from Missouri, she attended Louisiana Tech and received her master’s degree in engineering and technology. It was here in the city of Ruston that she discovered and embraced her creative side for art and painting.

Passion grew as she began to explore her attraction to the many nature features and scenes of the city and began capturing its beauty with photography. Tamimi then draws the picture adding her own imagination.

“My love is to recreate what and how I see things, then turn it into art,” Tamimi said. 

After impressing Creative Exchange Art Gallery in downtown Ruston with some of her work, she entered a contract with them to create Ruston scenes. One of her special techniques is to use tracing paper, which allows light to pass and through, then adding white tracing around the images which can only be seen in the dark.

Tamimi’s work has been featured at local art shows, the Ruston Cultural district, the Puppy Project, and currently at Ruston Smiles Clinic until the end of this month. Through her contract with the art gallery her work gets rotated to various locations around the city. As of April 1, her art will displayed at the Lincoln Parish Library.

In developing her craft to add more beauty to the city of Ruston through her art and venturing into new forms of art, she said she is now looking to further explore her talents. She will be submitting a proposal to enter a contest for a mural project also here in the Ruston area.