Site prep has begun for Old Navy

By Kyle Roberts

Ruston’s Woodward shopping center will soon be home to Old Navy as construction has begun in the grass lot west of Rack Room Shoes.

When asked about the construction on the green space, an unnamed worker on site simply replied “Old Navy.”

Afterward, Jade West, City of Ruston Economic Development Director, confirmed that the site will indeed host the clothing store.

As of right now, there is no known timetable for the opening of the store.

This confirms a previous story reported by the Lincoln Parish Journal from July 2022 in which then-Economic Development Director Phillip M. Smart on record stated that “(Old Navy) will be in the same shopping center strip as TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby. There is a vacant greenfield site all the way at the end by the shoe store. It will be right next to it.”

Originally founded in 1994, Old Navy is an affordable clothing company owned by multinational corporation Gap Inc.