Trailblazer Tuesdays presents timber tips

By Emma Stone

Learning the top 10 timber tips helped local farmers and area residents to learn about best management practices, technical or financial assistance and sustainable forestry practices for trees.

The workshop was part of Trailblazer Tuesday, when the company, Trailblazer RC & D, travels to different parishes to present information and educate others.

Brittney Wells from the National Resources Conservation Service in Monroe office opened the recent event o offer some cost share services for landowners.

“We cover all genres from pasture to forest to wildlife,” said Wells. “We create a habitat for the future for wildlife and believe in improving the health of your timber overall.”

Ricky Kilpatrick, renowned timber expert, retired area forestry agent and LSU AgCenter extension service, spoke about his top tips to growing good timber.

“Timber basis can save you a tremendous amount of money and give value to your timbers,” said Kilpatrick. 

Kilpatrick’s parents own 100 acres of land in Ouachita Parish where he practices keeping the land and timber to the highest quality. 

One piece of advice especially helpful was in forming good relationships with neighbors and boundaries of land.

“Don’t assume your neighbor knows the old fence isn’t the real boundary line,” said Kilpatrick. “You can line t-posts every 20 feet, so a tree falling into the line won’t be a problem without wire there.” 

Kilpatrick touched on ways to get rid of pesky hogs and create easy access, but most importantly he stressed for local landowners to hire a forestry consultant.

“The American Tree Farm’s website can show you how to find a consultant or become one,” said Kilpatrick. “When times are tough, they can make it good.”

The end of the event wrapped up with three door prizes given to those that attended through raffle tickets.

Up next, Kilpatrick plans to visit Bossier City to speak about tree troubles for yards and forests on May 9 at 6 p.m.