Police warn of scam for college students’ parents

Louisiana Tech’s Police Department emailed students, faculty and staff and have warned of a scam that has come to their attention.

Bill Davis, assistant chief of police, said that several parents of Tech student-athletes were recently contacted by individuals representing themselves as law enforcement in an attempt to scam the parents for money.

“It is critical for the public to know that at no time would law enforcement ask anyone for money in relation to any aspect of a police investigation or arrest,” Davis wrote in the email. “If a parent or family member of a student should receive a call requesting or demanding money from someone representing themselves as law enforcement, call the student and then call the actual law enforcement agency to report the scam attempt.”

Most importantly, Davis said not to send money or provide personal information to the caller. 

Students should make their parents aware of this potential scam as soon as possible and advise them to contact their nearest law enforcement agency to report the incident.