Students experience Mother’s Day blues

By Stella Lloyd

Mother’s Day is coming at a bad time for Louisiana Tech students. While students from other colleges get to go home and spend time with the women who raised them, Tech students are finding it hard to manage time for a trip home between finals, end of the quarter financial struggles and packing up for the summer.

Only two out of 10 Tech students say they will get to see their moms for Mother’s Day this year. In both cases, it’s because their mothers live in Ruston.

Chris Perry, a student who can’t go home due to finals prep, said, “I honestly feel really bad because I know how it means a lot to her. Luckily, my siblings will both be home and I will get to call her.”

Similarly, all of the other students who will not be able to travel home this weekend expressed sadness over missing this day with their families.

Student Reilly Elizabeth Spitzfaden said, “I feel bad because I will be missing her birthday as well. I just have too much going on right now.”

Some students believe that even though they cannot physically spend time with their moms, Mother’s Day is still important to observe.

“I won’t be able to go see my mom this weekend, but I plan on sending her a message thanking her for everything she does,” said student Isaac Ryland. “Even if I can’t be there in person, I want to make sure my mom knows how important she is to me…I hope everyone remembers to call their moms at the very least.”