Alleged sighting of gun at elementary school investigated

Social media was astir over the weekend regarding reports a student had taken a gun to Cypress Springs Elementary School in Ruston. However, the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office reported no gun was found on campus and the item seen in possession of a student earlier in the month by another student was likely a toy.

On May 11, a school resource officer of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office assigned to Cypress Springs was made aware of a “delayed report” of a student in possession of what was believed to be a toy gun on campus.

According to the LPSO, a student saw what was believed to be a toy pistol in the possession of another student sometime during the week of May 1-5. When the SRO learned on May 11 of the sighting, the student who reportedly had the gun was located and his belongings and areas accessible to him were searched. No weapon, toy or otherwise, was found at that time.

The student searched said the item was a toy and the matter was turned over to school authorities for any further action.

LPSO said the agency believes the student has not been in school since May 11.

Several parents complained on social media of hearing accounts of the situation from their children and nothing from the school.

In a statement to Lincoln Parish Journal, Principal Mary Wilks-Kilgore said, “Cypress Springs Elementary has two focuses–safety and success. These focuses remain at the forefront. No student was ever in any harm.”

In regard to the status of the student who was investigated, Wilks-Kilgore said, “We are unable to disclose any information regarding student discipline. Such matters are confidential.”

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office provides school resource officers at all parish schools, including the ones in the city of Ruston.