Healthcare Spotlight: Moore combines interests to help community

By Kelsey Horath

Physical therapist Bryan Moore has been practicing for over 13 years but was introduced to the field long before.

Growing up, Moore’s mother was a physical therapist, which gave him the opportunity to learn about the field from a young age. 

My mom is a physical therapist so I was around the profession early in life and knew what it was all about,” Moore said. 

Watching his own mother return to school to get her license, while simultaneously raising a family, helped drive his choice to pursue the field.

“She actually went back to physical therapy school when I was 10 years old so I watched that experience and was confident that if she could do that with a family, I would be able to succeed as well,” Moore said.

After high school, Moore completed his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Louisiana Tech University and later received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. He has spent the last four years at Johnson Physical Therapy in Ruston.

Along with growing up in close proximity to the world of physical therapy, Moore’s interest in sports and athletics also played a role in his decision to enter the profession. 

“I have always been interested in sports and the human body so I knew I wanted to pursue something movement related,” Moore said. “The ability to work with athletes in a healthcare role and help them get back to their sport seemed to be a perfect fit.”

Since entering the field over a decade ago, Moore has had the opportunity to work with numerous different patients and be a part of unforgettable healing journeys.

“We treated a young man who played football for Grambling and he had the most devastating knee injury I’ve ever seen, requiring eight separate surgeries in a year’s time,” Moore said. “It was amazing to see him not only return to playing but also get an interception in his first game back.”

Though the journey to recovery can be a tedious and long process for some, Moore finds motivation from the strength patients demonstrate to reach their goals of healing. 

“My motivation comes from seeing people heal and progress through difficult physical challenges and come out of them with a stronger mindset,” Moore said. “I love being able to treat people of all backgrounds and the entire body from an accountant with back pain, to a pitcher with a shoulder injury, to a football player after knee surgery.”

As Moore continues practicing, he wants to further his skills and knowledge to put towards athletic recovery.

“I have a goal of attaining a strength and conditioning specialization in order to further help athletes bridge the gap from rehab to the field and court,” Moore said.