Ruston High installing classroom, school-wide cameras along with other upgrades

By Kyle Roberts

Ruston High School’s classrooms, hallways and entry-points are being installed with a new camera system in efforts to increase security for students and staff on campus.

The current plan is for installation to begin within the next three weeks, which coincides with the current gymnasium upgrade construction.

Each classroom will now be equipped with a camera that will also have recorded audio capabilities.

“Our camera system that we have been running for years is a combination of three different companies,” Ruston High School principal Dan Gressett said. “So when we’ve had issues with cameras, first, we have to figure out who installed it and call on them. Then, you’re trying to replace and repair outdated material. And when people come to replace it, they get frustrated because it’s material that can no longer be found.”

The intercom and bell system has run into the same problems as mentioned by Gressett, justifying the need for a full replacement there, as well.

“We’re hoping for the same timeline on both projects,” Gressett said. “Best case scenario, it will be in by the start of school, but possibly early September.

“It makes a difference. We want to make sure that we do not have an area in this entire school that we don’t have eyes on.”

Funding for the upgrades come from the Community Outreach Policing Services grant.

The intercom will be installed by DCS Telecom, while the cameras will be installed by ProVision.