Healthcare Spotlight: Monroe’s ‘helping hands’ care for community

 By Kelsey Horath

Green Clinic Health System’s 2022 “Helping Hands Award” winner, Linda Monroe, has dedicated nearly 50 years to the field of healthcare, striving to constantly place her patients in the best care. 

Monroe received her LPN license right after graduation from Jonesboro Hodge High School and later graduated with her RN license from Louisiana Tech University in 1981.

Growing up, Monroe always found joy in helping others and knew healthcare was her calling from a young age, but one special person especially helped grow her love for the field.

“I always had an interest in healthcare, but my mother really encouraged me to pursue a career in the field,” Monroe said.

For the last 15 years, Monroe has served at Green Clinic Health System, where she currently works in Chemotherapy and Infusion.

“I just love helping people, especially when they are in low times and need a little extra care,” Monroe said. “Working in Chemotherapy provides me with the opportunity to help patients when they need support and encouragement the most.

During her time at Green Clinic Health System, Monroe has valued her time with patients and was even awarded “Helping Hands Award” in 2022 for her contribution to the clinic.

This award is given to an employee who consistently goes above and beyond for their patients and Green Clinic’s providers and staff.

“Linda’s intuition, compassion and caring nature are unparalleled,” David Osafo, doctor and coworker to Monroe, said. “She is such a calming influence on our patients going through quite a difficult time and there aren’t enough words to express our appreciation of her.”

No matter the challenges that come for caring for others, Monroe seizes every opportunity to give the best possible care she can and find the positive in all aspects.

“Even though I work in an area of healthcare that has its hard days, I’ve had so many positive experiences over the years,” Monroe said. “I’ve learned so much from my patients and coworkers during my time as a nurse, which I am so thankful for.”