BREAKING: Cedar Creek lawsuit settles before jury selection

An apparent settlement has been reached in the lawsuit against Cedar Creek School filed by the parents of a former student.

A civil trial was scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. this morning. Ad hoc Judge Jimmie C. Peters dismissed the jury pool as proceedings were getting underway as their services were not going to be needed.

In September 2021, Michael and Nicole Conroy and their minor son filed suit against the Ruston private school, eight of the son’s classmates and their families, and members of the school staff.The Conroy’s lawsuit claimed their son was severely bullied at Cedar Creek for eight months, including several instances of sexual battery with an object.

Little information on the case has been available since early 2022 when all court records were sealed due to the minors involved. The suit was seeking unspecified reasonable damages from the defendants.

Typical of such resolutions, it is unlikely terms of the settlement will be released.

Attorneys for the Conroys and Cedar Creek could not be reached this morning. A message seeking comment was left for current Cedar Creek head of school Cindy Hampton. Hampton was not principal when the alleged incidents occurred.

Peters presided over the civil case because all three local district judges recused themselves to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

This story will be updated when additional information is obtained.