Critically injured city employee making progress according to family members

City of Ruston employee Ben Rosson was airlifted to Oschner LSU Health Shreveport Monday night following an electrocution accident.

By Malcolm Butler

A day after City of Ruston employee Ben Rosson suffered life threatening injuries from a high voltage electrocution while on the job, his family members provided some encouraging news throughout the day and night Tuesday.

Although many details of the accident are still unknown, what is known is that Rosson suffered an electrical shock while on a job in close proximity to Northern Louisiana Medical Center.

According to Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker on Monday night, Ben Rosson was rushed to NLMC where he was then airlifted to Oschner LSU Health in Shreveport. No additional details were known publicly at the time.

However, more of the information came to light in a Facebook post update by Ben’s mother Jessica Rosson Tuesday around lunch time.

“Update on Ben. He is off the vent and awake. God is so good. We still need prayers but they are definitely working. … He was electrocuted (Monday) and it stopped his heart. He was dead. That’s hard to say your son was dead. But people were in the right place and the right time to get him help fast. He has some burns to both hands, his arm and side. He still has a recovery ahead …. ” — Jessica Rosson

The news got even better Tuesday night when Ben’s wife, Kirstyn, told the Lincoln Parish Journal directly that “Ben is alert and making great progress! They expect him to make a full recovery. No time frame has been provided. Not much else has been said, but the family does appreciate all of the prayers and concerns at this time!”

Laurel Nerren, Communication Director for the City of Ruston, sent out a statement from Mayor Walker Tuesday afternoon.

“Ruston City Lineman Ben Rosson was involved in an electrical fire incident on Monday afternoon 8-7-2023. Ben was taken to the North Louisiana Medical Center where he received amazing care and was than airlifted to Shreveport to continue treatment. Ben is improving at a great rate and currently he and his family are needing many healing thoughts and prayers.”

Additional follow up requests for more details on the specifics of the incident have not been released at this time.