Meet Justin Kavalir: 2023 Rising Lincoln Leader

Justin Kavalir

(This is one of 20 profiles on the recipients selected by an anonymous committee out of an extensive list of nominees for the 2023 Rising Lincoln Leader Award. The Lincoln Parish Journal thanks Mayor Ronny Walker and the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce for their support of this award.)


Name: Justin Kavalir

Age: 37

Employer: Louisiana Tech University and owner of Kavalir Tax and Legal 

Title: General Counsel for Louisiana Tech /Owner of Kavalir Tax and Legal

Hometown: Kilbourne, LA, (Was at Tech from 2004-2008, spent 5 years in Northwest Arkansas for Law School and private practice, moved back to Ruston in 2013).  

How long have you lived in Lincoln Parish: 10 years

Civic-volunteer organizations: Deacon at the Ruston Church Of Christ, Dixie Softball

Professional Highlights:  Graduating in the top 10 of my law school class; Obtaining and maintaining a CPA license, Louisiana Bar License, and Arkansas Bar License; Becoming one of the youngest University General Counsel’s in the country; Successfully helping hundreds of individuals and small businesses navigate tax and legal issues.

Eric McCulloch, Edward Jones financial advisor, on Justin Kavalir: “Justin and I met 6 years ago while working with a mutual client. He brings the best out of everyone around him. He is always willing to take on new challenges, learning, giving and using feedback. He leads not only in his work professionally, but in his personal life as well. He always demonstrates adaptability, self-awareness, empathy and social skills that makes a great young leader.”

Q&A with Justin Kavalir

What makes Lincoln Parish special?

Lincoln Parish is a fantastic place to live as a Christian, to raise a family, and to build a career.  The people I come across in our community are genuinely caring and look out for one another.  Having three girls, I am very sensitive to the community that is helping to raise my kids and there is no place I would rather be than Lincoln Parish.  Also, economically, the opportunities only continue to grow thanks to the collective leadership throughout the Parish.  

How do you see your role in improving Lincoln Parish?  

I truly find joy in helping people navigate issues any way I can and to always treat people with dignity and respect.  My hope is that by making a small impact in a lot of community members’ lives by providing a needed service or solving a problem in a courteous, professional way, that can have a cumulative effect.  

Who has played a pivotal role in your professional development and why?

Without question my wife, Amanda.  She has pushed me and encouraged me when I would have settled, professionally speaking.  She’s also been front-and-center from day one, over ten years ago, running our business.