Buc-ee’s and university upgrades: A brief chat with Rep. Turner following the fiscal session

District 12 State Rep. Chris Turner

The Lincoln Parish Journal was able to briefly discuss some of the upcoming projects that resulted from the latest 60-day fiscal legislative session with District 12 State Representative Chris Turner. For the full story on the Ruston Lincoln Chamber of Commerce hosting capitol chats following the legislative session, click here.

On Buc-ee’s Infrastructure

“We found out over the last couple of sessions that we were able secure the $6 million in funding we need for the first part of the infrastructure around the Buc-ee’s. There have been some businesses that have contacted about setting up around Buc-ee’s when it’s built. I think we’ll have good economic development there and catch a lot of the interstate coming in and will boost our taxes, which is a good thing.”

On Louisiana Tech

“Louisiana Tech had a great session. If you look at the bill, we have three major construction projects: GTM has cash flow and it will be funded; the Forestry Innovation Center that’s going in the south campus; it’s been so long since there’s been any activity on south campus, and the North End Zone building Student Athletic Center which will be a money-maker during games where they can rent out that spot, too– that has cash being funded.

“Last, Carson Taylor has $1 million cash going into a $26 million project for much needed modern upgrades.”

On Grambling State

Turner also provided information on upgrades for Grambling State University’s campus.

  • Campus Utility Infrastructure Assessment Emergency Repair/Replacement, Planning and Construction (Priority 1, $3 million, Priority 5, $5 million)

  • Reroof, Waterproof, Envelope Repairs for Various Buildings, Planning and Construction (Priority 1, $1 million, Priority 5, $7.5 million)

  • Criminal Justice Building Renovation (Priority 1, $800,000, Priority 5, $10.5 million)

  • Computer Science and Cyber Security Building, Planning, Construction, and Equipment (Priority 1, $800,000, Priority 5, $41 million) 

Other business

“The Mega Ramp Landing in D’Arbonne is getting a little over $2 million toward a $5 million project, and a new a campus in Area 2 of Delta Community College, which should be the coolest campus and have some things that is no where else but up here.”

Turner lastly wanted to make sure to thank Rep. Patrick Jefferson and State Senator Jay Luneau for their work on helping secure funding for Grambling State University along with State Senator Jay Morris and State Senator Stewart Cathey for Louisiana Tech upgrades.