High school principals encourage students to get involved

By Emma Stone

With a hot summer ending, school is right around the corner. For those entering into high school, it can be a tricky and even scary time.

Ruston High, Choudrant High and Cedar Creek High school principals offered tips on the best way to get involved in school.

Dan Gressett, Ruston High School principal, dedicated all of this Friday, Aug. 18 for only freshmen to attend classes.

“We have a big campus,” said Gressett. “It gives them a chance to get oriented to where everything is. They can get their class schedule figured out, find how to get from one classroom to another, or all the way across campus with the time allotted.”

Chris Jones, Choudrant High School principal, spoke about the pressure of high school and ways to help students in the future.

“Students have a clean slate and everything starts counting towards college,” said Jones. “Find a club or organization to get involved with. Find something you are passionate about whether it be a team or club.”

The biggest tip from each principal was for students to find a group, club or activity to become involved in. 

Cindy Hampton, Cedar Creek High School principal, focused heavily on students being smart with their time.

“Find a way to be organized and balance your time,” said Hampton. “Students are pulled between homework and all their activities. Sometimes, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for family.”

One of the most important issues Hampton stressed was to put yourself out there.

“Find what your passion is and don’t be afraid to join a group for the first time,” said Hampton. “If it’s not your thing, you can always change it later, but don’t be afraid to take small risks.”

Ruston High School begins classes for freshmen on Friday, Aug. 18. All upperclassmen start on Monday, Aug. 21.

Choudrant High School begins classes for junior high on Friday, Aug. 18. All students start on Monday, Aug. 21. 

Cedar Creek High School begins classes for all students today, Aug., August 17.