Geaux Macros offering back to school special

Geaux Macros’ Emery Wilkerson and Jana Beck

This is an advertorial. For a limited time, Geaux Macros is offering membership pricing at two people for the price of one for one month OR two months for the price of one for one person.

Geaux Macros is nutrition coaching for a flexible lifestyle. Once you learn to count macros, it’s truly a way you can eat forever whether you are wanting to maintain your weight, lose weight, improve body composition, or gain muscle mass.

Nothing is off limits, you are able to consume all of the food groups. Macros stands for Macronutrients, which are protein, fat and carbs. Our body needs each macronutrient! We provide our clients with start up target numbers (calories, protein, fat, carbs) personalized to each person. You will log your food daily and each evening will submit your information via a quick method of contact.

Your information is reviewed daily and you will receive feedback. The daily accountability of checking in is huge for most and keeps people on track. Weekly, your targets are reviewed and adjusted as needed to keep you making progress. Within the group we post recipes, snack ideas, etc.

We would love to have you! No lengthy contract required. Please check us out on Instagram or Facebook and feel free to reach out with questions.


Hi! My name is Stacy!

I was like many of us, a victim of the “2020 15,” I think Freshman 15. I knew I needed to make a change but I wasn’t sure what or how. I’d also turned 45 so losing weight didn’t happen like it used to. I’d tried high protein/low carb but didn’t know how to track or how much of anything to eat.

I believe I can thank Instagram’s algorithms for running across Geaux Macros and their Macro Mania program. It was a week long. I had nothing to lose except those extra pounds! One week has turned into 8 and a little over 15 lbs. I eat real food and lots of it!

I eat out, have drinks, and even my favorite, ice cream. With their plan you can make it all work so you can still eat your favorites. Not to mention, I just feel better! I’ve also learned I don’t have to kill myself with cardio. It’s a balance with strength and cardio.

Jana and Emery provide accountability, tips, recipes, and are easily accessible. If you’re on the fence, do it! You won’t regret it.

Back to School Special: 2 for the price of 1! Grab a friend & join us- two people for the price of one for one month. OR Two months for the price of one for one person