Meet G. Denise Dupree: 2023 Rising Lincoln Leader

Denise Dupree

(This is one of 20 profiles on the recipients selected by an anonymous committee out of an extensive list of nominees for the 2023 Rising Lincoln Leader Award. The Lincoln Parish Journal thanks Mayor Ronny Walker and the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce for their support of this award. We would like to thank Kevin Hawkins at for the headshots).


Name: G. Denise Dupree

Age: 34

Employer: Southern University-Shreveport

Title: Assistant Professor of Political Science

Hometown: Grambling, La.

How long have you lived in Lincoln Parish: On and off for all of my life. I lived back and forth between Grambling and Wichita, Kansas, during my childhood before my parents decided to move back to Grambling for the final time when I was in eighth grade, and then I left again for Baton Rouge to attend LSU for undergrad and returned to attend grad school at Grambling State University. 

Civic-volunteer organizations: Lincoln Rotary, Greater Grambling Chamber of Commerce 

Professional Highlights: Being elected as an Alderwoman to the Grambling City Council at the age of 24, Being elected to Lincoln Rotary President, graduating from Yale Women’s Campaign School, being invited to attend the 2012 DNC and being a recipient of the Pinkie Wilkerson Award for Political Activism.

Dr. Rick Gallot, President of Grambling State University, on G. Denise

“I can remember her being part of the Youth in Government program when she was a student at Ruston High and at the age of 16 she was just so incredibly interested in politics to a level that you don’t typically see in most 16-year-olds. I was a state Rep. at that time, and she played a role in drafting mock legislation. Those students went down to the state Capitol and presented those bills and got her Youth in Government peers to actually pass her legislation. Later as a student at LSU she worked at the Capitol as a page and then as a Senate aide for me.

“She’s been part of the Grambling City Council. She’s been part of the Lincoln Rotary. She’s made a significant impact across Lincoln Parish. I am so proud of the way she has been a true student of politics and an advocate for people just being engaged and involved in the political process.”

Q&A with G. Denise Dupree

What makes Lincoln Parish special?

Lincoln Parish is special because its my home, when my great grandparents and grandparents decided to settle here and build they did so because of the community that was already here. My roots in Simsboro and Grambling have provided me a safe space to live, love and thrive so no matter where I go in the world I will always have a home to return to. 

How do you see your role in improving Lincoln Parish?  

By sharing, implementing and supporting ideas that turn into actions while maintaining our hometown feel. As a student of life I am always looking to travel almost anywhere in the world so that I can learn how other places do things and use what has been proven to work for others and share it here.   

Who has played a pivotal role in your professional development and why?

President Rick Gallot who has always dropped a gem of wisdom or two when I need advice. Two of my favorite gems have been; take care of home first (my neighbors) and you don’t always have to talk, you can let your actions speak for you (I’m still working on this one).