Tech warns campus community to lock car doors

Louisiana Tech police warned the campus community about locking cars and valuables to deter theft. 

In an email, Tech Police Assistant Chief of Police Bill Davis said Ruston Police Department has investigated numerous vehicle burglaries in residential neighborhoods and apartment complexes in the past two weeks. 

“In almost every one of these burglaries, the cars have been left unlocked,” Davis wrote, urging residents to always lock vehicle doors and make sure no valuables left in the vehicles are in plain sight. 

“This applies whether you live on campus or off campus,” Davis continued. “While we have had no vehicle burglaries reported on campus during this time, these criminals will likely be passing through our campus at some point looking for vehicles to target.” 

Davis urged the community to be attentive to one’s surroundings, and if someone sees a person walking through a parking lot checking vehicle door handles, immediately call Tech Police at 318-257-4018 from a safe location. Individuals can also use the SafeDog app or call Ruston PD at 911 if off campus.