BREAKING: Tech president announces retirement

File Photo by Emerald McIntyre/Louisiana Tech University

Les Guice, president at Louisiana Tech, announced his impending retirement to faculty and staff through email this morning. 

Guice, who succeeded Dan Reneau as president in 2013, said he requested a retirement date for him at the end of 2023. 

“I have been blessed to be a part of an incredibly dedicated faculty, staff and administration at Louisiana Tech for the past 45 years,” Guice conveyed to faculty. “I have been most gratified to be a part of this team that puts the success of our students  the top priority.  It becomes more evident each day that our students are seeing great value in their education at Tech, and they are spreading that word back home.” 

Guice hinted at a change in leadership at the faculty and staff convocation earlier this month that welcomed the new academic year. He said he would work with University of Louisiana System President Jim Henderson on the upcoming change. 

“I will work with Dr. Henderson to ensure a smooth presidential transition so the next president can hit the ground running,” he wrote in the email. “In the meantime, I will work with you to continue making progress on all of our campus initiatives and strategic plans.”