Inaugural Children’s Business Fair held Saturday at RFM

By Kyle Roberts

Eight booths with some pint-sized entrepreneurs lined the outside of the Ruston Farmer’s Market Saturday morning with various items for sale ranging from art to woodwork to food.

Jeremy and Emery Pendergrass were one of two families, along with Britton and Jenn Kilpatrick, who helped organize and set up the event for children to observe and learn practical skills for future business.

“We discovered this in research around education opportunities and different project-based learning opportunities for kids,” Jeremy said. “This children’s business fair is an opportunity for kids to make something, sell it to different customers and learn about entrepreneurship and business.”

The overall mission of the fair is for kids to develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy and then open for customers during the allotted hours.

Jeremy’s son, Luke, set up a booth with “pyrography,” where he takes a wood burner and draws on different cuts of wood. Luke enjoyed seeing all the wares available by the other kids.

“I like seeing the other things that are out here,” Luke said. “It’s been a unique experience, and I think it’s been successful overall.”

Younger Robert Blalock had a shop of cypress wood crafts in various shapes that he used a large drill bit to add an artistic flair, which were then painted.

“It’s been good overall to be here,” Blalock said.