Tech unveils Tech 2030 guide during fall convocation

President Les Guice addresses a live and virtual audience about the successes and future goals of Louisiana Tech University during the 2021 Faculty Staff Convocation in Howard Auditorium. Photo by Emerald McIntyre/Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech University welcomed back faculty and staff Tuesday with its annual fall convocation, where Tech President Les Guice discussed plans for a Tech 2030 framework. 

The plan focuses on Tech’s people, its knowledge and its culture. 

“Our shared vision is for Louisiana Tech to be recognized as a preeminent public research university with an unparalleled learning experience,” Guice said. “To do that, we need to cover three thematic areas, focusing on cultivating our leaders and learners and mentors for academic and professional development – not just our students, but faculty and staff development opportunities as well.” 

In addition, Guice said the second thematic area is leadership focus, which includes increasing a diverse undergraduate and graduate community through expanding enrollment growth and retention and empowering transdisciplinary learning, research and scholarship that challenges traditional boundaries. Lastly, he encouraged faculty and staff to work with the cross-cutting principles of diversity, collaboration, technology, partnerships, agility and sustainability in their day-to-day activities. 

“Our 21st century campus focuses our time, energy and resources on our people, knowledge and culture,” he said. “Though the past year has been challenging, I know we are all ready to move forward. There will be more uncertainties as more challenges hit us over the months and years ahead, but we’ll move forward with Tech 2030 to make this an ever greater institution.” 

Guice said Tech 2030 was not a strategic plan but a framework that can be reviewed and revised when needed. 

“More than 100 students, faculty and staff over the past two years have helped create this framework,” Guice said. “This is not a strategic plan – this is a guide that requires us to be nimble. It’s a work in progress and continues to be a work in progress.” 

Guice also addressed the topic of raises, which faculty and staff will receive. Faculty and staff will receive an average 3 percent raise that includes cost-of-living and merit increases.  

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