Best of both worlds: Tech student Victoria Wells balances studies, music career

By Alexis Newman

The workload of a college student occupies a lot of time, but Louisiana Tech senior Victoria Wells has found a way to pursue a degree while simultaneously following her passion in music.

Shreveport native Victoria Wells began her experience as a musician young, singing in choir as a child and learning piano with her sister. Inspired by the artist Taylor Swift, she also started learning to play the acoustic guitar at the age of seven.

Wells said that she got her first opportunity to play for a crowd when Shreveport musician Amelia Blake, who performed at a restaurant that Wells’ family frequented, invited Wells to go on stage while she took her break. Over the next few months, Wells continued to play during Blake’s short breaks, slowly building confidence until she finally had the opportunity to perform a solo set.

Today, Wells does gigs in both Shreveport and Ruston, entertaining crowds with her skills in singing and playing acoustic guitar, ukulele and piano. When she’s off stage, she pursues her degree in political science and psychology and works on her applications to law school. Wells manages to balance the two aspects of her life by focusing on school for the first half of the day and doing performances in the evenings and at night.

“It can be a challenge trying to go back and forth between Ruston and Shreveport, but overall, it’s pretty okay since a lot of that work is at night, and so I just go home after my classes and then play and then come back late that night,” Wells said.

As of now, Wells has only performed covers, but her first album of original music is in the works, and Wells hopes to release it at the beginning of the coming year. Although her degree isn’t in music, Wells hopes to keep making music for as long as possible, and she said that she would be happy to do it as a full-time job in the future if that became an option.

“Honestly, I just love it. It’s something that it’s been like a lifelong love of mine, and it just brings me a lot of joy to make music and to play music for people and to be an entertainer,” Wells said.

To follow Wells and her musical journey, check out her Facebook and Instagram profiles @victoriawellsmusic.

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