LeBlanc photography project featured in Monroe airport

Image courtesy of Monroe Regional Airport

 By Thomas Stodghill, IV

Louisiana Tech communication instructor Mike LeBlanc is used to being behind the camera; however, now he is in front as he discusses his portraits, which are being displayed at Monroe Regional Airport in Temporal Nexus: An Office Portrait Series Experience.”

The photographs, which were mainly taken in his Tech offices, will be on display until February 2022.

“One day while in my office, I noticed that the large set of windows, which acted as one of my connections to the outside world while working at my desk, were also beautiful light diffusers,” LeBlanc said. “So, naturally, I began photographing any and every one that came to my office.”

This idea of his office portraits started in 2014, and he has been taking photos ever since. 

He described this as more than just a photography exercise. It became a way for him to experience the myriad of fellow souls traversing this world. 

LeBlanc said that the series is born from a love of light, portraiture and people with all their varying expressions.

He also said that the series for him became a network of people who briefly added to the mosaic of his life. Each portrait session to him yielded a document of their time together.

“In a time when most of our gazes are directed towards digital screens, this series is an attempt at redirecting our attention back to the human face,” LeBlanc said.

He has hopes and intentions of the gallery to spark human interaction and some conversations.

All the pieces in the exhibit are portraits of colleagues, students, friends — anyone who happened to come near his office. He described the number of interesting characters he met in his office space and the stories that he heard.

This series of photos is being featured in the Gallery at the Monroe Regional Airport. 

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