Ponderings by Doug

Most golfers dread hitting a water hazard or hate to maneuver their golf carts around sand traps and other obstacles. But not the golfers at the Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, for them it is an adventure. This summer, the course is unveiling two new hovercraft golf carts for their customers to use instead of the more conventional golf carts.

Windy Knoll will become the first course in America to offer BW1 Hovercraft Golf Carts. After seeing a video of PGA tour veteran (and 2012 Masters Champion) Bubba Watson buzzing around in a prototype, the club’s management decided that hovercrafts were the future of golf, and that the future is now.

Watson helped Neoteric Hovercraft develop the idea for the BW1 after becoming frustrated with the limitations of normal carts. Each BW1s sells for $58,000—which seems expensive for a golf cart but extremely cheap for a hovercraft. While that might still give the golfing community sticker shock, the hovercrafts cause far less damage to courses than normal carts. The “footprint” of each vehicle is 33-times lighter than a human foot and much less destructive than wheels. They’re also capable of gliding above water hazards and sand traps, which would put a normal golf cart out of commission. On the other hand, the hovercrafts are larger than golf carts and require more maintenance, which is probably why Windy Knoll is charging $230 to rent one for a single round.

Technology is amazing. What will they think of next?

In the church, we use technology to help us communicate clearly. The message we wish to communicate has not changed. We are sinners in need of love and grace. Jesus offers us His grace which we receive through faith. Jesus also promised us abundant life and then eternal life. Everything has been done for you through Jesus. There is nothing you need to do but call upon the name of Jesus.

Since the golf courses here have conventional golf carts, why not go to church Sunday and hear an old story which can give you new life.