From the publisher: The library millage renewal passed. What now?

By Judith Roberts

The library – as we know it – has been saved. 

Some may argue that it wasn’t that dire or that maybe the library needed a major rehaul. At least 1,000 residents in Lincoln Parish would disagree with me. And that’s okay. Because we are adults and can have disagreements knowing that we all want the best for our parish. And, even better, we can exercise our ability to vote in elections.  

Sadly, though, less than 20 percent of the Lincoln Parish population chose to vote in the Nov. 13 election. 

Low voter turnouts are nothing new; politicians and community leaders have always struggled to entice voters to come to the polls. 

But I do feel this was a big election – many jobs and our parish library were on that ballot. 

My family patronizes the library on a regular basis. I know most of the librarians by name. My husband and I loved Jeremy’s trivia nights on zoom, especially during the strongest months of the pandemic. My girls know Ms. Shelley and Ms. Laura on sight and love to ask them to help them find a few favorite book. Kris is constantly working to engage teens with crafts, challenges, and now even a new Teen Advisory Board. 

Our library does so much for our community. The staff members are constantly trying to find ways to engage the community – very much like politicians and community leaders. 

Our library has been saved, for now. But we must all do our part to keep it up and running. If we see changes that need to be made, speak up in advocating for that change. Pick up one of the DIY crafts. Talk to the librarians. Search for information on the computers. Participate in the events. 

Or heck – just go read a book.

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